Steinunn frá Sjöundá

Cairns of the Condemned – on executions in Iceland 1550-1830

The aim of the project is to search for the individuals who were executed by laws in Iceland from 1550–1830. Their names, crimes and judgments will be registered, as well as their background in terms of status, family life and residency. The aim is also to list the places where the execution took place, and to look for archaeological remains within them. Some will be dug up for to shed on the health of the executed, their cloths and methods of execution. In addition, the executions will be set in a historical and social context in regard to the aims of governance. The study will be based on post-Marxism and feminism. Thus, ideological shaping of classes and hierarchy, gender-based inequality and possibilities of subalterns to influence the prevailing norms will be at the forefront.

The study began in 2018 and is currently run for funding from the Archeology Fund, the University of Iceland Research Fund and Grampus Heritage and Training Ltd.